sahdistyc » Nevermind, I'm just impatient. Good to see you're still writing, when so many of us gave up
sahdistyc » I think my first attempt at posting was removed/deleted/lost. So glad to see you around, still posting and being beautiful. That is all (because if I say more, bad things happen obviously).
sahdistyc » Wow... I remember you from 2004. You're still here. And still amazing.
Name yunan » Message pemerinta di gaji dari keuangan negara
Sinja » Hi Sol. I hope all is well.
Jeremiadist » Good to see you back.
sanjie » I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. But I wrote you something instead.
Isola » Hey You.
Solender » yeah sure, until they start trying to eat your brains... or borrow money...
cross » i love it when people return from the dead
mz » hi
mz » hi
Sinja » Happy birthday, friend!
Deirdre » Sanjie sent me in an indirect way. Happy Birthday!
sanjie » hey you. happy birthday doll. Hope you are having a great shiny day. love love love
cross » give us a sign you still exist
Jeremiadist » Good to see you back again....
Ang » Greetings, you wonderfully brilliant man, you.
Gloria » I love that word. It's spoken candy.
Kaisa » I hate that they took this nice template out of the equation... how are you doing btw?
sanjie » Hey. I want to talk to you. Call me when you have some time ok?
J f Z » Murble
Deirdre » Hi.
Sinja » Merry Christmas, Soul! I hope things are great for you!
fRedOw » Nice to be back here.
Deirdre » I really like your blog.
fRedOw » dropping by..
jeremiadist » Nice stuff... keep it up!
jeremiadist » November, too.
Solender » october is totally overrated.
Gloria » Finally.
Sinja » <--- It's here, now.
Sinja » <--- Hey Soul, you helped inspire this entry.
Jeremiadist » Write?
zhenage » Not spam - just stopping by, excellent stuff here
zhenage » hey, check out the Zhenage teams website! (its new, RAW) We cover things ranging from animal abuse to fashion and music! - its new, young, and everything we love to share with the world.
Jeremiadist » Rokking continueth.
Sinja » Luckily it's only 41, as pointed out by RaccoonBacon. It's missing a few numbers lol.
Solender » 50 things? 50? Fuck man, if I answered that many questions at once - the universe would list precariously to one side because of all the awesomeness concentrated in one place.
Sinja » <--- You should do a 50 things post like this. It's more fun than you think. I am not spam.
evie » just stopping by
Jeremiadist » I continue to adore your writing. In a straight kinda way. Congratulations on sobriety - it's no small thing.
Xaos » hi babe. i miss you.
Solender » i used to read it too.
celebration » I used to read your blog pretty consistently, and I've just recently stumbled across it again. Just wanted to say that your thoughts are a joy to read
raejane » good to know! me, too
Solender » oh, i did.
raejane » Have a great weekend!!
Halcyon » faltered
raejane » did someone say birthdat?
raejane » I know you, too!
Bellavita » Lovely thoughts. Reminds me of myself.
divaslair » hei! nice blog here. . . makes me think. . .
Halcyon » got an email asking if i wanted apply to be a games tester at EA a little while back, boy was that tempting
Solender » its a maze, i'll give you that.
Jen » Your writing is amazing!
Jahri-Ann » hi
7oneders » Interesting blog you have here
Pip » Hi, just seeing what's going on over here! I've screwed my numbering system on my entries like you suggested, thanks for the idea =) have a good one!
jhy » hi...
mjomesa » hi ..just dropping..nice thoughts...
Comperte » yea this is wierd
pudge »
*+ donnA +* » just visiting...
+*ashley*+ » passin thru...
jenn » *bloghopping* nice layout!
J f Z » Hah! Resistance is futile.
Solender » there!
Sinja » (to take part in the post there)
Sinja » <--- You have been tagged! Muahaha!
Solender » but Coyote makes you wily!
Halcyon » The indian is clearly just short. No doubt brougt about by non worship of Odin. Odin makes you strong!
Tigerrr » who knew that vikings were actually 9-foot tall, over the top super-humans... I always assumed they were these swedish yodelers with lots of boats and swords and beer and bitches
Christine Schmidt » hey, thanks for the comment. quite an interesting quote there, and very true. i'll drop by again sometime.
Jade » your blog is probably the greatest thing ever created. no joke.
Deirdre » I stopped by. Thought I'd let you in on it. (:
deeds » i really like the blog.
silent_will » a moment of silence passed by. Good day!
Halcyon » Merry Christmas
Xaos » i'm here. i'm reading. i'm loving you this far away, still.
Halcyon » When typing formidable, I assume the french word was being used?
aaRoN » wow cooL blog you got here haha ^_^
Jeremiadist » Referred here my the formidable Xaos - and not disappointed. Bully for you, and all that.
Authenticia » Hey there!
Solender » consider yourself administrated!
silent_will » silent_will was here!
evie » bloghopping this way!
Deirdre » Hi there. (:
.{M}. » Exactly.
Xaos » pshh.
Solender » i can't swing by because my internet connection seems to tidally block sites. i always check out your blog when i can sinj.
Sinja » Yo. You should stop by. And I'm glad you're updating a bit more frequently.
majestee » i truly love reading your blog, your mind.
Cari » Hello again!
Sinja » I echo Gloria's sentiment, though in a manlier way.
Funkychicken » nice blog. i'm fairly new to blogdrive so mine's a bit rubbish!
Gloria » Thanks. Not to sound sentimental, but I missed reading you.
Xaos » i saw you.
ynanna »
Tanya » HI just dropping byy.. and i think you affirmed what i believe in, in your last entry.. niice.