Entry: don't get too excited... Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm in two minds about language, spelling and grammar.  On the one hand - I love language, in and of itself.   Whether it is careful and concise or playful and poetic, language played and presented well has an undeniable aesthetic elegance.  On the other hand - I firmly believe that language is quintessentially a tool; a vehicle used to make the journey of communication.

From this latter viewpoint: if I use a sound or formation of letters to convey a concept and it is understood by the person I am trying to convey that concept to - then it IS a word, or at the very least fulfills EVERY function for which words were ever invented.  This holds whether or not it ever gets ratified by Oxford, Webster or dictionary.com.

I guess it is the age old question of form and function.  Which is more important?  I don't know.  Personally I prefer to stay within the formal boundaries of linguistic conventions.  If only because I believe that a tidy, finely tuned, well kept vehicle lets me get to my destination faster and with less embarrassment.


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