Entry: casual self-stalking: a victimless crime Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i avoid following my dreams.  i just sort of meander about them.  i think following them, all the time, would just be kinda creepy.

my dreams and i mix in the same circles.  we hang out at the same clubs.  know the same crowds.  we recognize each other on sight, but not necessarily by name.

if i see my dreams at a party i don't always say 'hello', but i'll give an acknowledging nod and go about my evening.  safe in the knowledge that they're still out there.

spinning in similar circles.

sharing the same scene.


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July 15, 2016   06:38 PM PDT
If you avoid follow your dream it's doesn't mean you can't stop doing that at all. You can't combine reality and visual circles, so the only solution in your mind. Thanks for outspoken post.

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