Entry: what to make if there is no mood? Monday, April 20, 2009

light of the situation, perhaps?  gurney halleck said [mood is] "a thing for cattle and love play"; but I always had my suspicions about his association of the two.

i see writing as a vector - requiring both direction and magnitude.  without a prevailing mood we are but flotsam in the doldrums of creativity, ineffectually sculling circles with stunted intellectual paddles.

we need to be caught up in exhaltant tradewinds.  to be dragged under by treacherous currents of depression.  gale force anger.  a tsunami of paranoia.

all the genius in the world wont get you anywhere without the want for, or the need to get away from: 'something' (anything!).  to be drawn to, or pursued by: love; lust; fear or desperation.

what to make if there is no mood?  a pointless rant about moods themselves apparently.


April 22, 2009   05:55 AM PDT
How are you so amazing?

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