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"Only a couple of generations ago, we the people sang the songs and told the stories and generated our culture from the bottom up.

But now, more and more of our culture is spoon-fed to us top down by corporations, TV networks and ad agencies.

We must reclaim our culture. Start telling our own stories again. Singing our own songs. Producing our own meaning.

Creating our own cool..."

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Friday, August 06, 2010
where are my sexy jellyfish?

Inception failed to capture the ferocity of imagination that comes with dreaming.  I'm pretty sure everyone experiences something more outlandish than a James Bond movie or Metal Gear Solid when they sleep?

Where was the guy eating his own face?  Where were the clouds of neon, acid spitting, (yet) strangely sexual jellyfish?

This thought broke free from Solender's mind at 01:36 pm
It is still at large and should be considered Armed and Dangerous

Brimonidine Tartrate
November 19, 2011   06:12 PM PST
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September 8, 2010   09:03 PM PDT
I agree. Nonetheless Inception had a strong theme. One single thought can lead to something bigger that you can ever imagine.
August 8, 2010   08:12 AM PDT
Seriously. Do Hollywood people just have lamer dreams than the rest of us? "Paprika" did it fairly well....

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