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"Only a couple of generations ago, we the people sang the songs and told the stories and generated our culture from the bottom up.

But now, more and more of our culture is spoon-fed to us top down by corporations, TV networks and ad agencies.

We must reclaim our culture. Start telling our own stories again. Singing our own songs. Producing our own meaning.

Creating our own cool..."

- Adbusters Blackspot Campaign

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Saturday, July 31, 2010
don't get too excited...

I'm in two minds about language, spelling and grammar.  On the one hand - I love language, in and of itself.   Whether it is careful and concise or playful and poetic, language played and presented well has an undeniable aesthetic elegance.  On the other hand - I firmly believe that language is quintessentially a tool; a vehicle used to make the journey of communication.

From this latter viewpoint: if I use a sound or formation of letters to convey a concept and it is understood by the person I am trying to convey that concept to - then it IS a word, or at the very least fulfills EVERY function for which words were ever invented.  This holds whether or not it ever gets ratified by Oxford, Webster or dictionary.com.

I guess it is the age old question of form and function.  Which is more important?  I don't know.  Personally I prefer to stay within the formal boundaries of linguistic conventions.  If only because I believe that a tidy, finely tuned, well kept vehicle lets me get to my destination faster and with less embarrassment.

This thought broke free from Solender's mind at 02:23 am
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